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Website Design Services in Baltimore

It goes beyond just code and graphics.  Premier Websites are produced using a proprietary approach that makes use of Wise Surge’s special blend of specialized tools and industry-specific knowledge.
We firmly believe that it will change your life!

Do You Need A Website Design?

Do you need more customers? Build a website!

Are you losing customers? It may be because of your website!

Every business needs a website. Without one, potential customers lack information about you and there is no way to make sales using the Internet as your medium of communication with them!

Most buyers use the Internet before making purchasing decisions. You need a website to explain your services or products to potential customers before they even try to contact you.  Without a website, your business will look less professional.

You can’t go wrong with our website design service! We will create a new site or refresh your current one.

Regardless of the project, you select, the process will start with a conversation about what you want your website to do.  We will present you with some ideas and continue the conversation until you have a clear picture of what you want for a website.

We will then create a project plan to show you all the steps to complete the projects and what we will need from you to complete your website.  We will then get to work.

We will communicate with you throughout the project especially if we have questions.  We want to be your partner in this process.

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A Simple 4 Step Process


1. Discovery

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To start our process we kickoff by assessing your current online presence to see what problems need to be solved.


3. Development

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After finalizing a design system, the team will then start developing your web solution within a defined timeframe.

2. Concept Design

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We’ll get to work on design concepts that align with your brand, address pain points, and looks aesthetically pleasing.


4. Client Onboarding

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Lastly, we tutor you and your team on how to easily manage & make changes to your website without needing us.


Wise Surge offers a number of website design projects. This projects start with a foundation of an informational website and go all the way to an e-commerce website.  Different graphic design options are available.


Wise Surge offers a number of website design plans to keep your website running smoothly.  They all start with hosting and include updates and monitoring.  They go up to advanced analytics and future customization.


What if you need something custom?  Have a unique project?  Need something special?  We are available to help with any website design project you need. Let’s have a discussion.

Website Design Projects


Our Website Design projects all start with a basic website and build into more complex websites.  But, the basic website is still the essential presence you need on the Internet and a great place to start.  The other plans also include more web pages and custom elements like text and images.


Landing Page

This project selects a website layout from a number of content layout templates.  These are modern in appearance and mobile-friendly.   The project includes 1  web page that will contain all of your important information  The website will use stock photo images or images you provide.  Wise Surge will set up analytics and do basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).



This project selects a website layout from a number of content layout templates.  These are modern in appearance and mobile-friendly.   The project includes the necessary web pages of a home, about, services, portfolio, contact, and policy web pages.  The website will use stock photo images or images you provide. Wise Surge will set up analytics and do basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).



This project includes all the items in the Basic project but will add more.  Custom text and images are included.  Additional web pages like a “how we work”, FAQ, testimonials, history, and a blog will be created.



This project includes everything in the Basic and Standard projects but is a complete custom design in the layout, colors, images, and text.  Additional web pages of a how-to section, resource pages, and additional web pages appropriate to your business will be created.  Specific landing pages will also be developed to help with lead conversion.

Website Design Plans


Our Website Design plans provide for hosting your website and ongoing maintenance of your website.  The website we create is based on a technology called WordPress.  WordPress is a content management system which means it is a dynamic technology that allows programming, graphics, and text to be merged together to create a website.  WordPress allows for incredible flexibility in what is displayed and the layout of your website.  This technology needs regular updates to provide reliability and address security.  This takes time but Wise Surge will take care of this for you.  We will also make sure your website is available on the Internet and if not, fix it.  We will provide regular reports on different metrics like visitor counts and popular web pages.  Lastly, we will make a few minor changes to your website for you each month as part of these plans.



The plan includes website hosting.  Monthly website backups are included.  This plan provides regular updates to WordPress along with regular security scans and availability monitoring.   We will regularly scan for anything broken.  This plan includes sending you monthly website analytics reports.  Finally, we will make 5 minor website changes per month.



This plan includes everything in the Basic plan but provides weekly website backups and additional reports about your quote forms and e-commerce sales on a weekly and monthly basis.  This plan also includes 10 minor website changes per month.



This plan includes everything already mentioned but adds 5 hours of website tasks a month.  So, if you want any improvements, just let us know and we will take care of that for you.  Some requests may be more substantial but we will let you know if they won’t be included in this plan’s scope.  Otherwise, we charge $100 an hour for website tasks.  So, this plan will save you $250 a month.  Additional website improvements within a month will be billed at a reduced price of $75 an hour if you sign up for this

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